Reviews & Feedback

What My Clients Are Saying

The therapy and service received was invaluable to me. Karl was always Very professional and supportive. Will always be thankful for the tools and strategies I have learnt to aid my recovery

Sofia B

I have suffered from severe anxiety and panic attacks. I had to leave my job and could not leave the house alone for 2-3 years. I attended Cognitive Behaviour Therapy sessions with Karl Borthwick. Over the course of the sessions I found that the advise and tools that he taught me helped me to overcome anxiety and panic attacks and get back out into the world. I got my life back and finally was able to get myself a new job. I have been there for almost a year now and I'm feeling much more confident and happy. I'm also currently beginning the process of coming off of my anxiety medication. My anxiety hasn't completely gone but I now have the tools Karl taught me to control it. Going to these sessions was the best thing I have done and I would recommend it to anyone who is suffering too.

Helen D

The service helped me to process my past trauma and this has enabled me to live a much more content life in the present - forever grateful

Mr D Richards

I am more self confident, observant of my thoughts, kinder to myself, and more care free! I am proud of myself and feel like a better version of myself. I feel you have had such a significant impact on my journey and that’s why I wanted to reach out to thank you. In my job I love to hear when people are doing well so I thought it would be worth dropping you an email (no worries if you aren’t bothered ha!). 

You are the only therapist who has ever been able to help me, you are fantastic at your job

Miss N G